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Ariane 6 (A64)

In June 2018, I was completing several long-standing projects for launching in Summer and thought about starting a new project. I'd come off a sequence of open-interstage projects (Aerobee, Iris and Boosted Arcas) and needed something different.

The Ariane 6 A64 is planned to have four strap-on boosters, something I had not yet undertaken, so that seemed perfect for a new challenge.


The Pictures


The Design

The first question with a scale model is always the scale. As usual, I try to come up with a scale that corresponds to available body tube sizes. This rocket also couldn't be too small because I needed space for the drop-away booster mechanism so I wanted to use a 5.5" or larger tube.

At 3% (2.85% to be precise), the main body could be 6" tubing and the boosters could be 3.9" tube couplers:

  Prototype (m) Model (in) Model (mm)
Overall height 62.0 69.6 1767
Main AF len 60.6 68.0 1721
Main AF Θ 5.4 6.1 154
Main nose len 8.3 9.3 237
Booster AF Θ 3.4 3.8 97
Booster body len 13.0 14.6 371
Booster nose len 13.0 14.6 371

This also makes the rocket a manageable size at 5' 10" (1.8m).




Historical Info.

Unusually for me, the prototype rocket is not yet in service. So "history" is a bit of a misnomer. There is good general information on French Wikipedia. There are also some nice 3D renderings for reference.

I also found the image above very useful for getting dimensions, even if not complete, thanks to "Crumb fire" on The Rocketry Forum.