Molded Nose Cones

This pair of how-to videos shows how to make your own custom fiberglass nose cone using molding techniques. Molding is applicable to other things as well, such as transitions, fairings and even fin cans, but custom nose cones are a common desire.

Be sure to also watch Tony (tfish) Alcocer's video on the same topic.


Part 1: Making the Mold

The first step in making a custom nose cone is making the fiberglass mold; this video shows you how (running time 22m).

Watch directly on YouTube.


Part 2: Pulling the Part

The second step is making a usable nose cone from the mold (running time 14m).

Watch directly on YouTube.


Fiberglass Molding Supplies

Here are the supplies mentioned in the video which you may not already have. Of course, these are just the brands I am familiar with, and there are surely others that will work as well.

Most of the molding supplies were purchased from FibreGlast and they also make great instructional videos, from which I learned these techniques.

For the use to which the result was put, see my Solar Sailer II page.